Seattle Audio Production with Crisp, Clean Sound.

Professional recording and editing to wow your
listeners and reach your goals.

Nuvelocity’s creative process begins with discussing the client’s end goals, whether it’s generating more business, increasing web traffic, educating an audience or raising money for a good cause. Nuvelocity provides world-class sound design for its video productions as well as a full suite of audio production services.

  • Audio Books
  • Podcasts
  • Radio Shows
  • Radio Commercials and PSAs
  • Live Streaming Audio
  • eLearning Modules
  • Documentary

Radio is called “Theater of the Mind” for good reason. The right words, voices and sound effects can transport the imagination to places far beyond. Thanks to new technologies, audio production has moved way beyond the radio dial. Today, you can tell your story on an unlimited variety of platforms and devices.


If you are teaching a lesson, selling a product, or entertaining an audience, Nuvelocity can create professional audio work that is guaranteed to impress. We’ll help you outline your goals, storyboard concepts, write scripts, cast talent, record performances and edit the final product.

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Whether your audience is halfway around the world or living close to your home, you need to speak their language. We have experts who can translate your script and cast it with authentic, fluent talent. We have worked on projects from Spanish to Mandarin to Hebrew.

Nuvelocity can also create dubs and voice-overs into any language of your choosing. When it comes to your important message, include everyone.

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