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Many top companies and agencies use video as an essential component of their marketing strategy. The reason is simple; it’s the easiest way to reach tons of people. In other words, you can make a video once and use it over and over again to convey your brand to the masses.


Of course, we’ve all seen the statistics on how video improves your search engine rankings, which is great, but the number one reason companies make video is because there is no better method for conveying the benefits of a great brand, product, or service to your potential customer base.


Video makes a difference.

Our Process

Producing great video is equal parts art and technology. Every successful video begins with a well thought-out plan for production. From the first idea to the final edit, here are some or all of the steps you’ll likely take when working with Nuvelocity. The length of time to complete each stage varies by the size and scope of your project.


1. Pre-Production

During your first creative session with us, we’ll identify your story, your goals and your audience. From there, we will quickly move through the following steps:


  • Key Message Development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Procuring necessary Cast/Crew
  • Preparing critical pre-production documents; shot lists, call sheets, etc
  • Line Production; set location, permits, rentals, etc.
  • Production Schedule/Event Coordination

2. Production

There’s nothing more exciting than the first day of production. We stick to a detailed work-back schedule to load-in, set-up and be ready on time that ensures your video shoot proceeds quickly and efficiently.


In this second stage, all the necessary filming or recording takes place. Lighting, set preparation, video and audio recording are carried out by our professional team. For taped segments, we help the talent or interviewee relax, so they can deliver your message exactly as you intended. For live events, we capture everything from as many angles as possible, while also shooting relevant b-boll (establishing shots, audience reaction shots, etc.) to make editing easier.


3. Post-Production

Finally, the editing process takes place, choosing the best material, adding titles, effects and music that will translate your concept into cutting edge video.


Editing is an art form that is learned after years of working with video footage and making the right decisions. Our experienced editors can even bring sub-par raw footage to life and rescue an otherwise average video by assembling the right elements in a logical, emotional way while delivering your key message to your target audience.


Once we have formulated the first draft, with the best shots, sound bites and music, we will bring in the motion graphics. This final step includes all the fine details; logos, lower thirds, text, backgrounds, borders, color correction and audio sweeting.


  • Graphics and titling
  • Color & contrast balance of all clips
  • Stock music track
  • Audio sweetening, leveling & mixing
  • Client review cycles

4. Delivery

Once the video is approved, we will prepare it for distribution on all of your intended formats and deliver it to you. Most of the video that we make is destined for the web, but we can compile any format for your use; TV, projector screens, smartphones…and any other device or medium that will play video.

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