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Studio Rentals

Step into the spotlight and work with our creative team to produce your next video. Our director of photography and producer work one-on-one with you to assure your video is a success. Our facility includes green and white studios and an audio recording studio with an isolation booth. We have everything you’ll need for your next video shoot.

  • Video & photo studio lighting
  • Teleprompter
  • Catering
  • Makeup Artist
  • Equipment Rentals

Our video & photography studios are conveniently located at Starbucks Corporate Center in Downtown Seattle.

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Studio A
Studio B

Video Rental Studio A - 22’ x 30’

Rental of Video Studio A comes with both green and white cycloramas and acoustic foam for flexible video production options.

Pre-lit Studio
Green Cyclorama - 22’ X 14’ X 8’
White Cyclorama – 17’ X 11’ X 8’
3” Acoustic Foam on all surrounding walls
2, 6’ x 6’ Sound Baffles with 3” Acoustic Foam

2 Hours - $150
4 Hours - $250
8 Hours - $400

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Photography Rental Studio B -
15’ X 18’

Rental of Photography Studio B comes with a seamless white cyclorama, curved seamlessly from the floor and the corner. Excellent for studio photography on or off the cyclorama.

White Cyclorama – 15’ X 9’ X 8’
Light sealed room for flexible studio lighting options any time of day.

2 Hours - $100
4 Hours - $160
8 Hours - $280

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